Payupp Wallet

Your entire wallet on your mobile phone

You no longer need either your wallet or your bank card for payment because the PAYupp Wallet even moves your change to your mobile phone. 

Pay immediately and directly anywhere, any time, to anyone!

Pay immediately in stores and on the web

Scan the QR code or share a payment link with the app and pay directly with your mobile phone.

You don’t need either cash or your bank card because with immediate payment you can transfer money from your bank account to anyone.

You don’t have to search for change. You can quickly move on and you can even save your annual bank card fees!


Send money to anyone

Do you owe your colleague a lunch?
Or do you have to pay for stuff you bought through the classifieds?

Immediately and securely send money* to anyone’s bank account with the help of the PAYupp Wallet! With the app you can set the regular transfer of subscription fees or the rent, so you don’t miss any payment deadlines. Our solution is much more simple than bothering with cash!

* Your account providing bank provides information on your bank account fees and charges!

Request money from anyone

Do you need to share a bill or overhead costs? You shopped for the neighbor and need to request money?

Send a payment request directly from the PAYupp Wallet, and after its acceptance and payment the money will be immediately credited to your bank account and you’ll receive a notification.

You don’t have to bother with the change or to check whether the money has arrived. You won’t find a faster and more convenient solution…

PAYupp Wallet


For registration all you need is a unique e-mail address, i.e. one that has not been used for registration with us. Authentication of your e-mail address is necessary for registration, for which you will receive a confirmation link. The final step for using the system following authentication is the entry of a password, and your PAYupp account is ready!

You can use your Wallet to pay for products or services in a store or online, but you can also send money to private individuals. Your can use the app in stores and online webshops that support payment with the MNB QR code. In relation to private individuals, you can not only pay to PAYupp users or request money from them, but it is enough to know their e-mail address, while we collect all other information necessary for payment and initiate the request or sending of payment.

Payment is free of charge for private individuals; PAYupp does not charge any costs.

Simple and fast electronic payment