Pay or receive payments immediately without cash or a bank card!

Complete and secure payment system for everyone.

For Sellers


Simple acceptance of the electronic payment without a bank card terminal and limitations.

For Buyers


Pay immediately from your bank account in stores or on the web. Send or request money with the QR code or share a payment link in your Free Payupp Wallet app.

Cloud-based electronic mobile payment solutions for everyone!

Immediately and securely send money anywhere, any time, to anyone’s bank account.


The Terminal is a fast mobile application that can be used immediately after digital contracting. Many devices can be connected to a Terminal subscription, so several of your employees or store units can simultaneously accept electronic payments.

First, you need to register on our website as a user, after a digital contracting to use the PAYupp Terminal! ONLY the administrator of the company could delete or add employees to the Terminal subscription.

After you register as a person in our application, you need to set up your company profile. First, log in and use a „new company” function. You need to add company information and choose a subscription package, and finally, need to add your company’s bank account. This is how simple it is to accept electronic payments with the PAYupp Terminal.


For registration, all you need is a unique e-mail address, i.e. one that has not been used for registration with us. Authentication of your e-mail address is necessary for the registration, for which you will receive a confirmation link…

You can use your Wallet to pay for products or services in a store or online, but you can also send money to private individuals. You can use the app in stores and online webshops that support payment with the MNB QR code…

Payment is free of charge for private individuals; PAYupp does not charge any costs.

Why PAYupp?

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Who we are?

PAYupp is committed to easily usable, modern digital financial solutions. During the past 20 years, we supported the digital transition of a number of Hungarian and foreign bank corporations, so currently millions of bank customers use the mobile and internet banking solutions designed and developed by us for managing their day-to-day finances.

We developed the PAYupp Wallet and Terminal app based on this experience to offer a simple and easily usable payment solution accessible to the public and merchants.